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a) Safe movement & touch for Seniors

- Group training for Seniors in residential care facilities including those with limited mobility and/or dementia 

- Training for Carers, Nurses and family carers for Seniors

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This safe and fun movement and touch program has been specifically designed to promote the energy, well-being and mobility of seniors. But it can easily be used to treat any adult.

The movement and touch exercises support seniors with:

  • increased energy, well-being and relaxation
  • increased flexibility and mobility
  • ease for stiff or painful muscles
  • helps prevent falls through stimulation of proprio-ceptive and tactile nervous system
  • respectful contact and interactions with fellow seniors with socially accepted touch techniques
  • calming and relaxing for those with anxiety, memory loss or dementia
  • With each exercise the specific, beneficial effects are also described. 

Groups of seniors in residential care facilities can easily learn to use these techniques with each other. Seniors often enjoy the chance to interact in a safe and socially accepted way. 

Carers, Nurses or family members who want to support senior relatives will find these movement and touch techniques easy-to-learn and enjoyable.  

The Program is taught over several sessions.

A specialized touch routine is also available on request for immobile or bed-ridden adults.


The Samurai Shiatsu BOOK that accompanies this program introduces the exercise and touch sequence using a delightful story about two Samurai Japanese children who go to visit their grandparents on vacation, and want to bring them just the right gift - healing touch! 



b) Seniors & Aging support 

We provide therapy, counselling, training and therapeutic touch and movement to support seniors and their families:

  • Counselling for grief and loss
  • Counselling and therapeutic support for seniors, their families and loved ones to deal with the challenges of aging and health decline
  • Carer support for seniors with Alzheimer's and Dementia
  • Training for carers and family carers for seniors with the therapeutic exercise and touch-based Samurai Shiatsu for Seniors program described above. 

Please contact us to discuss your needs