Grant Trewenack is  a Mediator with over 15 years experience. He has supported parties to resolve disputes and reach negotiated agreements in a wide range of conflict situations, including:  

  • Workplace settings, family conflict, neighborhood disputes, divorce and separation, financial claims.  
  • The Mediation process generally runs for 2 to 4 hours

The Mediation process provides impartial support  for individuals and groups to navigate their conflicts and disputes to reach mutually negotiated agreements.

A Mediation is a neutral meeting that treats all participants with respect, and gives participants the chance to 'have their say',  present their point of view, explore the issues, and negotiate mutually agreeable solutions.

Mediation is empowering for participants since it supports and encourages participants to take responsibility, look for opportunities for agreement and work together towards a solution to their dispute.  

The Mediation process gives participants the opportunity to:  

  • Express their issues and concerns clearly
  • Seek clarification and understanding about all matters under dispute
  • Explore contentious issues and areas of dispute
  • Find points of agreement
  • Participate in a Private one-on-one session with the Mediator: where each participant can consider the process, set priorities, bottom lines and opportunities to move towards settlement  
  • Negotiate: in order to move forward towards a collaborative agreement.
  • Develop  Agreements:  these are developed collaboratively, and take into consideration each party's priorities, bottom lines and any future considerations. 


NOTE: Successful Mediation outcomes generally depend on all parties having some willingness to negotiate and intention to work towards an Agreement.



We offer a range of 'hands on' experiential, fun activities for individuals and Workplace teams wanting to explore and improve their team dynamics, communications and interpersonal skills. 

  • Communication styles  and Listening skills
  • Problem solving skills
  • Team-building 
  • Leadership styles
  • Dealing with change, moving outside your comfort zone.