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Our Partners

Our partners are a vital support for the Energetic Development Institute, as we work to accomplish our vision to optimize the potential of infants, young people and adults of all ages in USA, Europe, Japan and Australia.  

Karin Kalbantner-Wernicke

Karin is a qualified Shiatsu teacher (GSD) and Physical Therapist  with additional training in Children’s physiotherapy (Vojta, Bobath), sensory processing and psychomotility.

Karin’s early exploration took her to Japan in the 1970s and ’80s, where she worked as a teacher in Physical Therapy (at the Imai-Sensei clinic, Tokyo) while also training in Shiatsu in Tokyo.

In the 80s Karin returned home and founded the professional training institute ISOM (Institute for Shiatsu and Oriental medicine) in Wiesbaden, one of the first educational institutions for Shiatsu in Germany.

Since the mid 1990s Karin has devoted herself to research that combines:

  • the western medical framework - that incorporates child development from a psychomotility perspective, with developmental physiology and child education therapy
  • with the Sino-Japanese philosophy and training.

Based on these activities Karin and Thomas have developed the energetic development concept.

Thomas Wernicke

Thomas Wernicke

Thomas early studies included literature, linguistics and geography (graduating with a Master of Arts) eventually leading to an interest in human medicine and healing.

Thomas is a General Practitioner with additional training in natural healing methods, Chinese and Japanese acupuncture, chirotherapy, manual infant and child-treatment, classical homeopathy and psychosomatics.

Thomas predominantly treats children. His main interest lies with research work on Shōnishin, the needle-less Japanese child-acupuncture.

Following many years of field research studies in the ’70s and ’80s in Peru and the Philippines, Thomas and Karin founded the therapy center Therapeuticum Rhein-Main at the beginning of the ’90s.

Thomas is a member of the Japanese Science Society for Child-Acupuncture in Japan (Nihon Shoni Hari Gakkai) as well as training supervisor for Shōnishin.