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Inquiry is the specific spiritual method of the Diamond Approach to Inner Realization

Diamond Approach teachers on our team offer guided, one-on-one Inquiry sessions for individuals interested in self exploration and realization.

One-on-one Inquiry sessions support the understanding of one’s personal experience in a way that:

  • Facilitates the natural unfoldment of the soul and the revelation of its hidden potentialities, and

  • Reveals the depth and truth of who you are beyond your conditioning and history.

Diamond Approach  (DA) teachers have undertaken an extensive 7 year training.

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What Is the Diamond Approach ?

The Diamond Approach is a spiritual path for self-discovery and realization.

The aims of the Diamond Approach are to:

  • reconnect with your innate inner capacities - love, joy, compassion, peace, wisdom and others.

  • rediscover the essence of who you are,

  • reawaken to and live the deepest truth of what it means to be human.

The methods of the Diamond Approach are effective and far-reaching in the transformation of consciousness. They incorporate a seamless synthesis of ancient spiritual practice and wisdom with western psychological understanding.

If you want to:

  • free yourself from the limitations of your history, social conditioning and cultural expectation,

  • discover your innate potential and inner capacities,

  • reconnect with your presence, and aliveness, that is fresh in each moment;

If you wonder about big questions, such as: Why are we here? Or perhaps just feel dissatisfied and incomplete with daily life, and yearn for something more...

Then perhaps you're ready to embark on the Diamond Approach journey of discovery.  The Diamond Approach to Inner Realization is a path of truth and freedom.

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